Mixing NanoCrop & Grower’s Secret: A Strawberry Farming Game Changer

Strawberry farming has always been one that necessitates precise practices and techniques to achieve a successful and bountiful harvest. The constant evolution of farming techniques has led us to harness innovations that not only increase yield but also provide effective pest control. One such innovative combination that has gained traction in both conventional and organic strawberry programs is the mixture of NanoCrop and Grower’s Secret.

Why NanoCrop & Grower’s Secret?

NanoCrop is celebrated for its ability to utilize colloidal micelles. These micelles can break surface tension and act as a potent insecticide. Meanwhile, Grower’s Secret has a specialized product which is a nitrogen fertilizer that also enhances spreading and adhesion on plant surfaces. Together, these two products produce a synergy that effectively controls one of strawberry farming's biggest pests: lygus.

A Synergistic Approach to Lygus Control

Lygus, often referred to as tarnished plant bugs, are a significant threat to strawberry yields. Their attacks can cause deformed strawberries (catfacing), making them less marketable. An effective lygus control measure is crucial for any strawberry program aiming for a successful harvest.

The quote perfectly encapsulates the effectiveness of this mixture:

"The tank mix of NanoCrop and Grower's Secret 16-0-0 has a synergistic effect when it comes to lygus control. NanoCrop’s colloidal micelle technology can break surface tension and act as an insecticide (membrane distribution of gram negative insects), while the thick viscosity and stickiness of the 16-0-0 works just like a sticky trap, keeping the lygus where they are in the field instead of flying away or hiding under the plastic." - Aaron Kucharski, PCA, WCA Sales Director

This means that when lygus comes in contact with strawberries treated with this combination, the NanoCrop component works as an insecticide, taking immediate action against the pest. Concurrently, the Grower’s Secret keeps the bugs in place, acting as a sticky trap, preventing them from flying away or seeking refuge under the farm's protective plastic cover.

A Step Forward for Organic Programs

Organic strawberry programs often face the dilemma of finding effective pest control solutions that do not compromise their organic principles. With the combination of NanoCrop and Grower’s Secret, they now have an effective, organic-friendly option to tackle the lygus issue.

Final Thoughts

The blend of NanoCrop and Grower’s Secret is indeed a breakthrough for strawberry farmers. By harnessing the individual strengths of both products, farmers can now achieve superior lygus control, leading to better yields and more beautiful strawberries.

As technology and farming techniques continue to evolve, it's heartening to see such combinations coming to the fore, making the lives of farmers easier and their crops more bountiful. Whether you're running a conventional or organic strawberry program, it might be worth exploring the potential benefits of this innovative mixture.

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