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Our plant-based solution designed for hydroponics, nurseries, greenhouses, and other related applications.

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Our Distributors

PureCrop1 is sold exclusively through Hydrofarm.

If you want to carry PureCrop1 in your store, please reach out to Hydrofarm. We work hard with our distributors to ensure our customers receive the best price possible; therefore, WCA does not directly sell wholesale. If you have additional questions about distribution, feel free to contact us.

Customer Testimonials

What growers say...

Matt Trostad

Vista, California

"Good morning, the PureCrop1 worked very well in my opinion for the control of peach leaf curl. See pictures attached. I sprayed two times in November 7 days apart. Then I sprayed one more time last month."

Bradley Taylor

Owner/ Farmer B at The Family Farm, LLC

PureCrop1 is by far the most effective all-in-one OMRI certified agricultural product I have ever worked with. The unilateral effectiveness in controlling pests, and fungi while boosting growth and nutrition levels of the plant is nothing short of miraculous to a commercial organic farm like ourselves. As a non-conventional aquaponic farm, the ability to use an effective crop spray without concerns of toxicity to our fish is an amazing benefit as well. On top of all of that, I can sterilize my production and storage areas AND wash my produce with the very same product, absolutely fantastic! I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to all of my fellow “Nano-nerds” at PC1 for developing and producing this groundbreaking product.

Jason Beragina

Bertagna Custom Farming in Chico, CA

We used PureCrop1 for the first time last season on our organic Almonds and Walnuts.  We applied a full season protocol to the almonds and were quite pleased with the fungal and insect control we experienced in addition to the excellent yields, nut quality and overall tree health. We also made several applications of PureCrop1 on two mature Walnut blocks that have been organically farmed for five years now with the hopes of controlling a major San Jose Scale infestation. PureCrop1 fully eradicated our SJS issue in these blocks. I will be using more PureCrop1 next season.

Matt Trostad

Arborist and Horticulturalist in San Diego, CA

Product exceeds my expectations. I've been using it on everything from aphids to caterpillars. Aphids and other soft-bodied insects it crushes. Caterpillars it definitely works on but I learned that you need to do two applications in the same day to kill bigger caterpillars. I also tested it on some spiders around the house and it absolutely annihilated them in one shot. This was using the rate of one ounce per gallon for everything listed above. Also just for your information I had the opportunity to test it using it in the middle of a hot day and broad sunlight on a fruit tree for aphids and mites with no adverse reaction from the sun. this is truly a game-changing product and the world of horticulture and arboriculture. I have worked with many enzymes and horticultural oils and nothing compares to this.

The Family Farm @thefamilyfarmfl

Dade City, FL

One of the reasons why we are able to consistently bring you local, organic, delicious produce is because of PureCrop1. PureCrop1 is a completely organic, food-grade product that increases plant health, reduces plant stress, controls mold and mildew, and eliminates pests using 7 plant-based ingredients and Colloidal Micelle Nanotechnology.  This is the only product we use in our greenhouse because we take healthy food seriously.

How Our Products Work

Powered By PureCrop NanoTech

At the core of all our agricultural solutions is a powerful science that uses colloidal chemistry and nanotechnology.

  • Size

Our micelle measures ~1 nanometers wide, in comparison a plant cell wall is between 10,000 – 100,000 nanometers!

This is small enough for the micelle to slip through the walls of plant cells, allowing the plant to absorb it directly.

  • plant-based

Using materials made from plants and organic matter reduces abiotic stress that can be caused by synthetic chemicals.

Organic material is widely accepted and utilized by the plant compared to synthetic material.

Naturally biodegrades after 7 – 10 days of application, leaving the environment unaffected.

  • Electrical Properties

PureCrop Nanotechnology offers a wide range of chemical compatibility with broad use across the pH spectrum.

Our colloidal micelle is zwitterionic.

It is a “Supramolecular surfactant”, a self assembling cluster of surfactant molecules.

PureCrop NanoTech

The Power Behind the Product

Colloidal micelle graphic

PureCrop NanoTech: The Power Behind Our Products

Grow with Confidence PureCrop NanoTech: The Power Behind our Products Dig deeper into the science that powers all of our products. What is PureCrop Tech? PureCrop Nanotech. It’s the driving force behind every product offered by West Coast Ag Products—and it’s what makes our products so unique and effective. It is the concentrated solution at […]

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Hydroponics & Home-Use

Can I mix PureCrop with other products?

Although we recommend it as a standalone product, PureCrop is compatible with most other products and can emulsify any immiscible substance. We do recommend a jar test before applying to your plants.

How often can I spray?

We recommend one application every week for most plants. You can spray more often if you like, you will not harm your plants. If you are fighting an infestation, visit our product label page for problem-specific instructions.

Is PureCrop a fertilizer?

No, we can reduce the amount of inputs by making them more available to the plant by encapsulating minerals and delivering them directly to the phloem and xylem where they can be used immediately by the plant.

Do I need special equipment to use PureCrop1?

No, any sprayer that you have available will work with PureCrop1. Just make sure that the sprayer is thoroughly cleaned! Any impurities, PureCrop1 will attach to and drive into your plant.

Fun Fact: Clean your sprayer with PureCrop1 to ensure optimal cleaning!

Is PureCrop and PureCrop1 the same?

Yes, in 2022 the PureCrop1 brand was acquired by West Coast Ag Products and was rebranded as PureCrop. You can read about the details in the press release.

What's in the package?

Liquid concentrate.

  • Weight per gallon: 8.6-lbs
  • Total Tote Weight: 2,605-lbs
  • Pallet of 2.5-gallon bottles has a total of 36 cases equalling 72 individual bottles weighing a total of 1,660-lbs.

You have corn and soybean oil as active ingredients, does it work like other oils?

No, unlike oil PureCrop uses the fatty acid molecules that make up corn and soybean oil to manufacture our product. Visit the blog to learn more.

When is the best time to spray?

The best time for any foliar application is in the early morning or early evening when temperature is low and humidity is higher, giving more time for the plants to absorb the product. PureCrop can be sprayed in direct sunlight if necessary without concern for phytotoxicity due to the huge surface area to mass ratio.

How close to harvest can I use PureCrop?

PureCrop can be used in all stages of growth, from seedling up to and including the day of harvest. PureCrop1 can be used as a post-harvest wash to remove any unwanted residue.

Is PureCrop only good for foliar application?

Nope! There are many benefits to adding PureCrop to the root zone including increased health and vigor, reduced stress, increased resistance to soil pathogens, lower nutrient use and faster ripening.

Suggested Use?

  • Mixing: Fill a container with fresh, clean water. Add PureCrop1 concentrate. Shake or stir. Spray or use as a root drench. 

  • Dilution Rates: Pest/Mold/Mildew Control – 1%-2% solution every 7 days. Increase frequency and ratio to 2% when pressures rise.

  • To maintain long-term benefits, spray 2 oz per gallon once a week.

  • Use as your dormant spray at 2 oz. per gallon when mixing with other products or 1 gallon per 100 gallons when using by itself.

  • The more prolonged PureCrop1 is on the plant, the higher the efficacy rate. Accordingly, we suggest spraying either early morning or late afternoon as the formula quickly dries when sprayed in direct sunlight or heat.

  • If there is rain in your forecast, apply a foliar spray on your plants at least two hours before rainfall to protect them from pest, mold, or mildew and reduce yield loss. Rainfast within 2 hours, PureCrop1 defends the integrity of your crop through the storm.

Does PureCrop leave residue?

Solid particles are attracted to the micelle and held in suspension. Any wash-off completely biodegrades at the atomic level into nitrates, soil constituents, and water.

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