How to Boost Calcium in Cherries (and Why it Matters)

Why Is Calcium Important For Cherries?

High calcium levels in cherries are essential, not only for the consumer but also for the farmer.

Higher Levels Of Calcium Help:

Calcium also allows cherries to maintain their flavor once transported to grocery stores and in the hands of the consumer. It is also vital for strong teeth and bones!

With the increase in calcium levels came a decrease of split pit.

Factors Contributing To Low Calcium Levels

  • Acid soils
  • High growing temperatures
  • Water stress
  • High humidity
  • Wide fluctuation in soil moisture
  • Low crop load
  • High nitrogen and potassium levels 

Tips To Increase Calcium Levels

  1. Adding calcium during post harvest hydro-cooling.
  2. Pre-harvest calcium sprays.
  3. Including a biostimulant, such as PureCrop1.

For questions specific to your particular crop or issue, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone (707) 621-8939 or email.

To learn more check out our PureCrop1 Studies & Trials!

PureCrop1 Cherry Study

The data is in, PureCrop1 increases calcium in cherry crops!

Above are the results from a trial conducted on cherries that analyze the levels of calcium after being treated with PureCrop1. The California Coral Cherries received five applications full season of PureCrop1, increasing calcium levels by 85.7%. By increasing calcium levels— not just in cherries but also in all food crops — PureCrop1 preserves flavor while preventing damage caused by everyday stressors.

Pests That Were Controlled Or Eliminated By PureCrop1 In This Study

  • Black Cherry Aphid
  • Cherry Leafhoppers
  • European Red Mites
  • Leafroller
  • Peachtree Borer
  • San Jose Scale
  • Spider Mites
  • Spotted-Wing Destrophilla
  • Western Flower Thrips

Disease Issues Controlled Or Eliminated By PureCrop1 In This Study

  • Bacterial Blast
  • Bacterial Canker
  • Brown Rot
  • Brown Blossom Rot
  • Botrytis
  • Powdery Mildew

PureCrop1 Dilution Recommendations

  • We suggest using a 1% v/v dilution rate of PureCrop every 10-12 days for a full season.

Note: Exact measurements for each farmer will differ slightly due to variations in crops, growing methods, and geography. Make slight adjustments until you’ve found the ratios that work for you!

Check out the full study hereTo learn more about the importance of calcium in cherries you can also check out Good Fruit’s “ Calcium Improving Cherry Quality

Don’t leave your crops to chance. Protect with PureCrop1.

To learn more check out our PureCrop1 Studies & Trials!

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